Introduction: Homemade Street Tacos in a Slow Cooker

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What are we making, BBQ beef in the slow cooker and coconut rice for tacos!

Difficulty - super easy... (that is if you can wait while smelling meat cook all day)


  • Knife - if meat trimming is needed
  • 2 Forks - to pull the beef
  • Slow-cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Microwave, frying pan, or steamer (whatever method to warm taco)

Ingredients for beef:

  • Pot-roast or biscuit but 1-3lb
  • beef stock - 1/2 cup or enough to cover beef halfway
  • onion - half per pound
  • salt - rub on
  • lemon juice - about 1/4 a cup
  • cyan pepper - to cover
  • Jalapeno pepper - to taste


  • rice - white
  • coconut milk - or water if you want traditional


  • Cilantro
  • Lemon
  • Avocado

Step 1: The Meat

First start with rubbing some cyan pepper, salt, and lemon juice on the meat

Then place in slow cooker with enough beef broth to cover half

Set temp to high for 5 hours or low for 8+

You will see a boil eventually where you move to next step

Step 2: The Flavor

Here is when the broth starts to boil, the meat will get dark gray and tough.

Chop and add the onions and jalapenos.

Wait for the meat to shrink a bit and flip over, I added more lemon juice here to keep it moist.

Step 3: Pull the Beef

Remove the meat to a cutting board and use two forks to rip it up.

When shredded to tiny strips add back into slow cooker.

Step 4: The Rice

Slow-cooker and Rice-cooker makes this so easy, when beef is shredded it needs some more time so start the rice.

I made two cups of rinsed white rice, and added coconut milk to the line... Seriously just press the button and you will get rice...

ok, some tips

  • adjust your rice to milk volume, add if it is crusty on the bottom
  • do this over a cutting board so any bubbling up of the milk will be contained

Step 5: Fold Into Some Tacos

use some small tacos and heat them - several options

  • 30sec in microwave works
  • steaming above slow cooker
  • toaster oven
  • frying pan or grill...

So add rice cilantro and other garnish - I added sliced avocado as they were ripe

Step 6: Meat on Top and You Can Eat!

I added the meat, pick up with fork or tongs...

fold up some more and if you need, fresh lime...

Seriously besides the long wait, slow cooking tacos is super easy

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