Introduction: Essentials Car Kit

Hey, this is my first instructable, so be nice :-)

This is not a "new" list, and there are many of these posted online.

This list, however, cuts down to the necessary essentials of what YOU need when the ...fecal matter... hits the fan.

This pack is designed to be kept in or near a vehicle, because in most emergencies, that's where you will be heading.

Prices for items are variable, depending on what you want for your money. Remember though, that if you need any of these items, it costs way more to call for emergency services, if they are even available. So get what you can afford.

Also, keep in mind to have prepared separately any food and necessary medications.


1) Common sense!!!! This cannot be stressed enough. ($0).

2) Tire treads. These are amazing when a vehicle is stuck in sand or snow. Just put under the tires that spin. ($20).

3) Collapsible shovel. There are many varieties, but I would recommend choosing one that is lightweight yet still strong. Also doubles as a weapon. ($14).

4) Hand warmers. If you are stuck in snow, these can keep your fingers from going numb. (less than $1).

5) Scissors. How many times have you been stuck without one when you needed it? And they take almost zero storage space. ($2).

6) Tire repair kit + gauge. No explanation needed. ($7).

7) Hand chain saw. Need branches to make a quick small fire? ($2).

8) Rain poncho 2-pack. Also makes a quick shelter if combined with tape and hung between 2 trees. ($1).

9) Tow cable and heavy duty hooked rope. Towing, pulling, strapping heavy items to roof of vehicle, tying up zombies...endless uses. ($35).

10) Assorted chargers, cables, and battery pack. No explanation needed here. ($25).

11) AC/DC power inverter. This lets you run AC items through your cigarette lighter. DO NOT BUY A CHEAP ONE, they blow very easily. ($30).

12) Hand crank radio/flashlight with built-in charger. Make your own power, and listen to music or emergency radio transmissions. Invaluable. ($9).

13) Road flares, 3-pack. If you break down at night and want to be seen, or as a warning signal. Keep in a sealed container. ($8).

14) Multi-tool. Make sure it includes at the very least a knife, saw blade, pliers, phillips and flathead screwdriver. ($15).

15) Pen and marker. Label stuff, or make road signs in emergencies. ($1).

16) FLASHLIGHTS! I keep several, one actually in the door of the car. All LED so they consume low power (batteries last longer), and the Mag-lite style version doubles as a weapon. ($20)

17) Not pictured here, but a small tire inflator. ($15).

18) Razor in safety clip. Need a small sharp blade? Remove old registration stickers and takes near zero storage space. ($0).

19) Roll of tape. The savior of "oops." ($2).

20). Bag to keep it all in. Duh. ($5).

21) Toilet seat me on this.

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