Introduction: Apple Airpods Headset Microphone for Fitness Instructors

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I made this for my wife who teaches fitness classes, but with COVID-19 has not taught in a gym since the lock down, and has had to make do by teaching via laptop over Zoom.

For Fitness Instructors, they just need a wireless microphone; not complete headphones. They only need to amplify their voice, but still hear the music normally as the rest of the class does. Similar to people speaking in large auditoriums or professors in lecture halls. (And for obvious reasons, it needs to be wireless.)

Most gyms have very high-end wireless microphone systems for their instructors to use. But for those attempting to teach from home through a computer its been hard to find a good replacement method. (Well, at least one that doesn't break the bank.)

What I've created allows the "From Home Fitness Instructor" to have a nice headset (Just like the high-end systems, its by the company Shure.), but use their Apple Airpods as the wireless microphone.

NOTE: We only have Macs, so while this should work the same on a PC I cant confirm.

NOTE2: If you're wondering, "Why not just wear the Airpods as normal?". Well, my wife has tiny ears and has never been able to wear earbuds.


  1. Shure Headset ($39)
  2. Apple Airpods


  1. 3D Printer
  2. Razor Knife (X-Acto)

Step 1: Remove Wiring From Headset

Take the Shure Headset, and completely remove the cable by cutting it here (image above). Discard, and remove the clips as well.

Step 2: 3D Print Adapter

This was designed in Fusion 360, and sliced in Cura at 100% infill with raft and no supports.

(I also have a version that positions the Airpod on the other side, and also one that holds both left and right Airpods, but that one was too heavy.)

Step 3: Gather All Parts

Use either Airpod, but make sure you're using the correct Airpod if you have microphone set to just one of them. (Default settings uses both, I believe.)

Step 4: Attach Adapter to Headset

The adapter will only go on one way and will snap into place if attached correctly.

Step 5: Attach Airpod

The Airpod will initially be very tight to get in and out of the adapter. However, if you leave it installed for a few days, the plastic of the adapter will relax a bit, and then the fit will be perfect. It will easily slide in and out but hold tight enough to stay in place.

NOTE: When inserting the Airpod into the adapter, insert it like a pin going into a hole. Don't try snapping it in by coming in from the side.

Step 6: Finished

All done. As you can see above, you can cover the head of the Airpod with the windscreen supplied with the Shure headset if you like. It doesn't do anything other than disquise the fact its an Airpod.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my Instructable. Please send me any questions or comments you might have. I try to answer them all. Stay safe and healthy! Happy 3D Printing & TurboKicking / Zumbaing / Jazzercizing!

Now its time for class.............


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