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Having braces and eating apples don't mix well so I was absolutely crushed when I got my braces in and I couldn't eat any apples.  I wanted to find a simple way that kids with braces could enjoy the delicious taste of apples yet not damage their braces.

The perfect solution to my problem was to make "apple chips", or just very thin slices of apple that are easy to chew even with braces. These apple chips have helped me overcome my fear of eating apples with braces, and they taste delicious!  They are an extremely healthy snack that is perfect for snacks, appetizers, and picnics.  The total calories for these apple chips is about 100 without any dips or flavoring.

This snack can also taste even better by dipping it in chocolate syrup or peanut butter.  You can sprinkle cinnamon over your apple chips to make them taste even better!

I was inspired to make this snack because....

I needed to find a way to continue my love of apples even though I had braces!
- I wanted to eat a healthier snack while watching TV.
- My mom said to eat the apples before they go bad!

To make this snack, you will need....

An apple (preferably a big, red one)
- A bowl
- A fruit/ vegetable peeler
- Cinnamon (optional)
- Chocolate Syrup (optional)
- Peanut Butter (optional)

To make this snack, peel the skin off of your apple and begin peeling the fruit of the apple making sure the "chips" fall into your bowl.  Rotate the apple as you peel because you want to get as many chips as possible out of this apple.  When you are done filling your bowl, you can begin eating them or you can enjoy them with a dip or topping.  You can drizzle chocolate syrup over them as I did in the picture, or you can spread peanut butter over the chips. 

I hope you enjoyed making your Apple Chips!

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    simply curious, how well does the combination of chocolate sauce and apples go?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty well, I prefer peanut butter!