Introduction: Apple Cider and Cinnamon French Toast

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Tasty Fall awesomeness cleverly disguised as breakfast!

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

3 eggs
1/2 cup Apple cider
1 tsp Cinnamon sugar
Sliced bread(I like whole wheat)

Optionally, you can add vanilla extract.

Pan(non stick is best)

Step 2: Mix Up Battet

Mix together eggs, cider, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla. .

Step 3: Cook!

Once you stop stirring, the cinnamon will float to the top. Don't worry, just give it a quick stir before dipping your bread for even coverage.
Heat your pan over medium high heat, and add a light coating of butter. Dip your bread in the egg mix, but don't let it soak. Be quick!
Place your bread in the pan till it is golden brown, then flip. Repeat until egg mix is gone, typically 6-8 slices, but milage may vary. I used semi stale bread, and got 5 slices.

Step 4: Eat It!

This stuff is so good you don't even need syrup or butter. A few parts of butter and you are all set!

In the immortal words of Julia Child, "Bon Appetit"!