Introduction: Apple Kinda Crisp

Want a single serving of a tasty apple-crisp type snack in a few minutes with minimal ingredients?  This is for you!

Sweetener (your preference of sugar, splenda, stevia, brown sugar, etc)
Cinnamon (is there a synonym for cinnamon?)
Quick oats


Pros:  Quick, simple, inexpensive, single serving.
Cons: Not as crispy or crusty as a real apple crisp.

Step 1: Mix Master, Cut Faster!

Cut the apple into small chunks. You can peel it first if apple peels give you problems. I leave them on.

Into the bowl they go with about a tablespoon of butter.
Add a heaping spoonful of sugar/splenda/whatever - more or less to taste.
Sprinkle on some cinnamon.
Add some oats.  I usually eyeball it, but if you need an exact number, let's call it 1/3 cup.

Other ingredients that should work, but I haven't tried yet include honey, brown sugar, and raisins. Some applesauce might make it a bit saucier if that's your thing. I think you'd have to try really hard to make this inedible.

I've made this several times for the kids and they dig it.  Its also something they can make themselves, depending on their knife proficiency.  I do the cutting, then let my 7 yr old mix it all up.

Step 2: 2,450 MHz

Microwave it for about 2 minutes. Everything in here is edible in the raw state, so heat it until the butter melts and the apples are cooked enough for you.  The picture shows 3 bowls in there at the same time.  That wasn't working so well, so I switched to doing each one individually.

When it comes out, the oats will still be dry, stir them into the butter/apple/sugar syrup mixture.  I call this Kinda Crisp since the oats don't get crusty like it would in the oven.  However, it's still very tasty, and the oats give it a nice chewy texture.

I let it sit a minute or so to cool down.

Eat it up!  In my opinion, a very healthy snack.

Would probably be good with some ice cream too.

Using splenda, I calculated the nutritional info at:
302 calories
13.9g fat
31.0mg cholesterol
84mg sodium
210mg potassium
46.6g carbs (8.3g dietary fiber)
4.0g protein

100 of those calories and all of the cholesterol comes from the butter.  Eliminate the butter, and you could knock that down a bit, but I'm no fan of margarine.  Change from splenda to real sugar and you gain about 50 cal and 10g of carbs.  I use the sparkpeople recipe calculator  to do the figuring for that.