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Introduction: Apple Watch Band From Underwear

About: Hello my name is Bob and I like to make things.

In this instructable I show you how to create an Apple Watch Band from Underwear.
It's an easy and straightforward project and gives you a comfortable watch band.

Step 1: Check Out My Quick Video Tutorial!

I hope this video will help you create this cool Apple Watch Band, made from underwear.
Along with the video you can follow the (easy) steps below :-)

Video Link

Step 2: Get Tools and Materials

Get your materials and tools
  1. Seam Ripper
  2. Needle and treat or sewing machine
  3. Apple Watch Connectors :
  4. Underwear with elastic band:

Step 3: Seperate the Band

With the seam ripper we remove the elastic band from the boxershorts.
Be careful not to make holes in the band.

Step 4: Cut to the Right Length

When the band is clean and removed from the boxershorts,

measure it to your arm and cut to the right length.
(make sure you keep it long enough, we will trimm it later anyway)

Step 5: Attach to Conncectors

Attach the band to the connector from the watch.

Step 6: Sew the Band

Measure the band again, secure it with a needle/pin and sew to close the band around the connector.

Step 7: Trimming

Now trim off the excess material, and the band is ready to be used.

Step 8: Thank You!

You can choose any brand you like.
Or if you don't like to wear a brand, you can also pick a nice pattern or design.

Thank you for having a look at my instructable ;-)

Please also check out my youtube channel

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    Folded Shirts
    Folded Shirts

    3 years ago

    Wow! Job well done!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you :-)


    3 years ago

    Clever idea, but I got to the point that I don't want to promote any company with their logo anymore. JMHO


    Reply 3 years ago

    I can understand that ;-) I noticed that the big logos are getting popular again, like it was in the 90’s. There are also bands available without logos and with cool Aztec designs for example. or other nice patterns.