Introduction: Apple Candy

A candy afternoon!

I always wanted to make some candy fruits, and thanks to this nice contest I decided to make something special..


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Making nice candy apples is funny, but you have to pay a bit attenction during the all procedure. The award will be the amazed faces of your friends.

Step 1: Materials

-White chocolate

-Milk chocolate



-Some drops of lemon

-Wood sticks

-Sugar decoration

-Some piece of colored bands

- Apples of course

Step 2: Warming Chocolate

Basically, you need some chocolate and a bit of sugar to make caramel. Then some decorartions to make funny effects.

Let's start melting the white and milk chocolate (we will make caramel later). Put on the stove and keep the flame at minimum.

You can add a bit of milk to let the chocolate melting better. But be careful to not add too much milk, otherwise the chocolate will not attach well to the apples. When the chocolate is completely melt, let it cold a bit, then take the apple and roll it in the chocolate!

Let it cold for some minute, maybe put it in the fridge if the chocolate glides on the surface. Until the surface is still sticky, decorate with some coconut or colorful sugar decorations.

Now it's time to make caramel. This procedure it's more delicate from melting chocolate.

Put some sugar in a bowl, with some drops of lemon. Add a couple of spoon of water (more water you add, more the caramel willhave difficulty to solidify).

Let it burn at good flame, then when it starts boil, low the flame, and let it continue boil. Don't mix with the spoon now. Keep always an eye on the sugar, as when the sugar caramellize it will chenge color in just few moments.

So it's easy to destroy the caramel. As soon as the color is changing the caramel will be ready to be used.

As for the chocolate apples, rotate an apple into the caramel, and let the caramel covers all the surface.

Then, let it cold in the fridge to solidify the sugar.

Step 3: Done

Almost done! The candy apples are ready to be shown!

So now you can amaze your friends!!

While you make apples be careful at your cat, you could find it smelling beer!!

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