Introduction: Applesauce; No Sugar, No Cooking

This is a simple recipe for raw applesauce using dried fruit, water, cinnamon, a quart jar and 3 apples.

Step 1: Reconstitute the Dried Fruit

Measure 2/3 cup water and place in blender. I use 3 dried apricots and a mixture of dried cranberries and raisins to equal 1/3 cup (approximately). Let stand at least 15 minutes. Go do something else and when you come back, it will be ready. Just don't leave it overnight.

Step 2: Cut Up the Apples

First rinse the apples in cool water. Start by cutting the apples in quarters lengthwise through the core. (you can cut them in eighths also for easier handling (just makes more work). Next, make two cuts to remove the core from each piece. Then, cut off the peal with a knife or vegetable peeler. Finally, cut each piece into many small pieces as they are dropped into the blender.

Step 3: Add Spice and Blend

I don't measure this. I just sprinkle some in. It always tastes al little different whenever I make it. You can also add a little nutmeg but not too much. Blend until it is fully liquified and pour into a quart jar. Close the lid and place in refrigerator. I find it lasts quite a long time when refrigerated.