Introduction: Application of Long Lasting LipSense

LipSense is a two part system that creates long lasting lip wear that is 100% kiss proof, water proof, and smudge proof and lasts up to 18 hours from just one application. It is non GMO, gluten free, wax free, and lead free. LipSense is made with SD40 alcohol base and patented technology that causes the color to molecularly bond to your lips without staining them!! LipSense gloss is the only gloss that can be worn with the product, and it not only helps your color last longer but helps to hydrate your lips. This product is amazing and once you get the application process down, I guarantee you will fall in love with it!! In this tutorial I will show you the application process to help you ensure that long lasting stay! This is something you have to see to believe. I have posted a how to video that will be very helpful to watch and I recommend you watch and go along with me.

The materials used in this video are not sold in stores. Please visit me at and I will gladly help in any way I can!

Disclaimer* During the first few weeks of using LipSense your lips will go through a process called exfoliation. This is where your lips are getting used to using a new product and ridding your lips of all the old wax based materials that you used to use. Don't get frustrated if your color isn't lasting as long as you like at first, we will get there and before you know it the application process will be quick and your lips will be beautiful!! Also, you may at times feel a burning sensation but it will go away shortly, if it does not please seek medical attention.

Step 1: Choose Your Colors

Select Which Long Lasting Color you will be Using for the day ( Remember it last from 4-18 hours so make sure you pick a color that will work with all of your daily functions)

For this tutorial I have chosen to use a beautiful color called Pomegranate. I choose to seal it with the Sand Gloss!

Step 2: Clean Your Lips With the Oops Remover

Use the “Oops Remover” and make sure your lips are clean and smooth and completely dry. This step is very important. You need to make sure your lips are flake free and completely dry or the LipSense will not bond with your lips.

Step 3: Apply the First Coat of Color

One of the very first things you need to do before you begin the application process it to shake up your tube of LipSense really well. I would recommend doing this from anywhere to 30-60 seconds!

Wipe all access amount off the wand and apply the first coat (less is more). DO NOT GO IN MULTIPLE DIRECTIONS (se video). Try to complete the bottom lip in one smooth coat from corner to corner. On the upper lip start in the center work your way out and down on each side (see video)

Step 4: Apply the Second Coat of Color

After waiting about 15 seconds apply a second coat. Do this in the same matter you did the first coat. Less is more!!

Step 5: Apply the Third Coat of Color

Wait another 15 seconds and apply a third and final coat of color. Same as the first two coats. Make sure to get your water line. Your waterline consists of both the creases of your mouth and also the bottom of your upper lip and the top of your bottom lip.

Step 6: Apply the Gloss

Wait about 15 seconds and apply the gloss. This is what seals the lip gloss, and forms that molecular bond I was talking about. It is a must do step, or your lips will feel sticky and your color will start to peel off.

Step 7: Press, and ENJOY!!

Press your lips together and Enjoy the long lasting stay of LipSense! It is water proof, smudge proof, and kiss proof!!

Step 8: Video Application

I have uploaded a video instructing the application of the long lasting lip wear, LipSense. Thanks so much for watching.

note** the video may take time to download, please be patient.