Introduction: Applying Window Film to My Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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How to apply window film to glass kitchen cabinet doors. I’m finally coming to the end of my my mini kitchen remodel and just finished tackling my lower cabinets and the shelf above my sink. Leaving me with a pile of stuff that now belonged in my upper cabinets. The issue was: NONE OF IT WAS PRETTY. Apparently, I just don’t have many pretty things… Which is a problem because the windows I used for cabinet doors you can see through… because they’re windows!

The other problem is the top shelf of these upper cabinets is REALLY high. I was keeping my glass pans, strainers, my crock pot and other big pots up here but dang it if I didn’t drop one on my head more than once. (I’m short.) When I was working on my lower kitchen cabinets I rethought the storage of every. single. thing. in my entire kitchen so it would better work for me. Which means what will now be stored in my upper kitchen cabinets is: Not pretty stuff.

In fact, the number one thing I wanted to store up there was paper towels because a roll of paper towels will not kill me if it lands on my head.

Step 1: Cutting and Applying...

So, I was in a bit of a quandary torn between wanting a lovely kitchen and the practical every day needs it also had to meet. Function is number one in my book and that’s just how it is. I went looking for window film on Amazon and this one caught my eye. Of course I was gonna be subtle and conservative and just get something lovely and white. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I went bold.

I am so impressed with these window films! I added a film to my windows in my workshop too and it was as simple as cutting it to size, wetting the glass and just smoothing it on there. I used a pair of scissors and an exacto knife and took my time.
This WAS a bit more tedious then I had at first thought because I wanted the pattern to line up correctly. So, it was a little bit of a headache and I was SO SO glad I had extra because I did screw it up a couple of times!

Step 2: Final Completion!

On top of that, because these are very old windows the window film will never be perfect. You can see in the close up that there are bubbles that are impossible to remove etc. But I decided it was just fine.

All of my upper cabinets got magnet clasps to hold their doors closed and I finally really utilized the storage above my refrigerator too. Yay for getting some order around here! This room was hit the hardest when it came to smoke damage because the wood stove was literally in the middle of it. The ceilings were DISGUSTING and all the trim and bead board took hours of time to fix as best I could. (The dry heat caused major warping.) My mom came over to help one Sunday and after nearly four hours we completed the first coat. SO MANY NOOKS AND CRANNIES AND SO MUCH BRUSH WORK OMG. *groans* I ended up doing another three and even seven coats in a few places. It felt incredible to finally stand back and be DONE!