Apricot, Bleu Cheese, and Pecan Salad

Introduction: Apricot, Bleu Cheese, and Pecan Salad

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For a seasonal cook, apricots are a trademark of a spring farmer's market. Soft orange and blush, the fruits beg to be paired with cheeses. Combined with bleu and goat cheese in a savory or sweet dish, their natural sweetness shines. Balsamic brings out their hint of tang. In a savory salad, they go nicely with arugula, spinach, and their similar cousin, prunes.

Apricot, Bleu Cheese, and Pecan Salad

serves 2


1/2 cup arugula

1/2 cup spinach

3 apricots

5 dried prunes, sliced

3 tablespoons bleu cheese

2 tablespoons goat cheese

3 tablespoons chopped pecans

2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon olive oil


1. Arrange the greens on a plate. Place the apricots and prunes on the greens. Sprinkle the cheese and chopped pecans over the fruit. Drizzle with balsamic and olive oil. Serve.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    We have green apricots on the tree now. I might try this in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing.