Introduction: April Fools Brown "E" Prank

This Brown "E" Prank is a great prank, because it's funny and not harmful.

This prank will definitetly fool your family and friends.

It's very simple to do and fun to create, so let's start making the prank!

Step 1: The Supplies You Will Need

Here is the list of supplies you will need:

-Brownie Pan
-Brown Paper
-Tin Foil
-Craft Cutitng Board
-X-Acto Knife (or scissors)


Step 2: Cutting the Paper E's Out

Start by using your cutting board and brown paper and cutting out some paper E's with your x-acto knife.
You can cut different sizes of E's if you'd like to.
Keep cutting the paper E's!!

Step 3:

Once you have cut out alot of paper E's, its time to put them all in your brownie pan.
Get a piece of tin foil that covers your brownie pan completely. The sides should be covered too.

Optional: Write brownies on your tin foil.

The last thing to do is walk up to a friend and say: "Would you like a brownie?"

Have fun!

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