Introduction: April Fools Mouse Prank


Ever wanted to piss off a teacher, parent, or anyone else who is computer illiterate. Well now you can!!

By the way this is not only my first instructable but my entry into the April fools Contest.

Step 1: What to Do

Most modern day mice are use a laser to detect movement. All you have to do is take a sticky note or piece of tape, and then cover the laser. It's that simple

If the mouse is an old school ball mouse, turn it upside down, and the ball will drop to the inside of the mouse. Then just cover the hole with a piece of tape.

Make sure to right down April Fools on the tape or whatever!

Step 2: The Reaction

People will freak when their mouse mysteriously doesn't work! It's amazing, I did this to a bunch of my teachers last year, and they flipped out trying to find an unplugged cord or something thats wrong with the computer. Some will think that their computer is even frozen.

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