Introduction: Aquarium Volcano Ornament

This underwater volcano feature will immerse your aquarium in a volcanic landscape with bubbling lava and spewing eruptions.This is a great way to add to the looks of your aquarium and oxygenating the water at the same time Video of the Volcano in action.

How it Works

The rising bubbles from the air stone reflect the red LED shining inside the volcano shell ,thereby creating a volcanic eruption like illusion.Be sure to checkout the video.

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Step 1: Items Required

Plastic Funnel (Sized according to your aquarium)

Air Stone driven by your Aquarium Pump

Red or Orange Led with suitable adaptor to power it

Transparent Ballpoint pen cap

Acrylic paints and brush

White Cement (Porters Cement )

CA glue

Step 2:

Cut off the top most part of the funnel to give it a volcano shape.Make a notch on the bottom Rim big enough to pass over the electric wire and air-stone pipe. Apply porters cement with a paint brush to all sides of the rim to give it a volcano texture Paint your desired acrylic colors after the cement has dried.

Step 3: Water Proofing the LED & Volcano


This step should be done with great care and in a well ventilated area . Take a Red /Orange LED and put it inside a ballpoint cap.The wires connected to the led should be insulated and long enough to exit the aquarium without pulling on the volcano.Seal the bottom part of the cap with Aquarium silicon or Hot glue. Dribble CA glue on all sides of the volcano.Let it dry completely for about Half an hour After it has dried immerse it in a small water container (Not the aquarium) for at least 24 hours.This is to leach out any harmful chemicals that may poison the fish. Make sure to change the water every few hours.

Step 4: Placing the Volcano

Your volcano is now ready

Connect the air stone to the air pump and LED to a correct rated wall adaptor.

Place the volcano shell over the air stone and the LED

Enjoy the view.

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