Arcade Game Machine With Raspberry Pi



Introduction: Arcade Game Machine With Raspberry Pi

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Making story :

Arcade game machine with retro pi (raspberry pi3)

Step 1: Purchase Parts

purchase parts (joysticks , usb controler etc) from aliexpress.

LCD panel from old monitor.

Step 2: Assembly #1

Assembling housing .

with birch plywood 15t , aluminium profile 30*30 , PVC plastic flat board,acrylic sheet 15t(transparent, smoked sheet).

Step 3: Assembly #2 (monitor , Pcb, Usb Controler)

Extract lcd monitor panel from old monitor(19")

set in cabinet using aluminium sheet ,acrylic sheet

Step 4: Marking on Front Face.

using co2 laser with our family' logo .

Game of Kwons.

Step 5: Back Panel, Bottom

using PVC plastic flat board 3t,

Step 6: Set Speaker , and Test Run!!

set cheap speaker. and test run.

need setting configuration on retro pi.

Step 7: ​Enjoy You Life!!

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