Introduction: How to Make MineCraft Server & Case With RaspberryPi.

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Set up Minecraft Server - has multi functions with raspberry pi4

and making Server Box with Oak,Birch Plywood


[ HardWare ]
- RaspberryPi

- SSD 250G

- Acrylic Sheet

- Oak 20t

- Birch Plywood 15t

- Dot Matrix (blue)

[ SoftWare ]

- RaspberryPi OS

- Spigot Daemon v1.16.5

- Python Code ( 7219 example code edited by me)

Step 1: Design Server Box.

Draw server box looks like Steve from Minecraft on SketchUp .

Size 300*300*300(h) wooden box

Step 2: Cut Out Wood & Acrylic Sheet Using CNC.

Acrylic sheet 10t for Top and eye cover.

Oak 20t for Steve Hair.

Birch Plywood for Face.

30t Acrylic block didn't use.( planned Steve's transparent eye at first time)

Step 3: Assembly - DotMatrix / Rasp3-4.

Separate each 2 circuit from dot matrix led display circuit 8 * 32 using saw.

then test with python Sample code [ Max 7219 ]

Rasp. Pin number.

[ 1, 3, 21, 25, 26 ]

When i planned install Rasp.3 at first time for server hardware.

but minecraft server daemon didn't work on Rasp3.

So. must purchase new device. Rasp4. (4 GB)


Step 4: Step 3: Assembly - Speaker and Amplifier + 7inch LCD

- Drilling speaker holes on both side.

Didn't drill these holes using cnc because no planed at first time.

To use `kodi` ( Famous multimedia tool app name on Rasp.)

- Install 7 inch LCD & Control board

Step 5: Assembly - Add SSD 250G

Added SSD 250G left alone.

for File Share Server with Samba.

Step 6: Mineral Oil on His Hair

Dispensing Mineral Oil on Steve's Hair

Dark brown color

Step 7: Display Info on Eyes.

[ Dot matrix Display - eyes ]

1. Steve rectangle eye - ASCII no. 219

Can change different shape. Heart,Circle,Alphabet etc...

2. Real time Game User Counting

->Using result of Linux command `netstat -an | grep 25565`

result value -1 ( because 1 is Server daemon's port )

3. Cpu info

->Using result of Linux command `uptime `

1min average Cpu Value

4. Today Out side Temp.

Crawling from weather info on portal site about my town.

using Python library

[ About Mine Craft Server ]

Using Spigot Server daemon v1.16.5

tested several daemon and i picked that.

[ About Python ]

Using Python.3 for Dot matrix LED info .

and set this script into Crontab @reboot

Step 8: End

My Two Sons enjoy minecraft on this Server. [ can play minecraft client on Rasp. like that pic ]

Sometimes Good users visit to here and leave a trace like above pic.

Step 9: Movie - How to Make MineCraft Server [ & Case ]

[ Korean version ]