Introduction: Archery Target Sled

My son is on the school archery team and practices at home when school is out. The target he uses is awkward to move around, so I decided to build him a sled. This way he could just pull it out into the yard and pull it back in when he finished.

This is a pretty simple project. I used some scrap 2"x4" lumber and some nails. I'll put dimensions in the image notes, but it would be very easy to customize as all targets might not be the same size.

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting Pieces to Size

This target measures 28" wide (left to right) and 10" thick (front to back). I cut sled runners about 34" long and cut the lower corner (see photo in a later step) so that they would slide over bumps better. The cross pieces were cut to 14". I cut short pieces for the front and back corners (about 6" long each) and each end. I also cut a longer piece (about 12") for the back center to help resist the impact forces from the arrows.

Step 2: Assembly Begins

I centered one of the cross pieces on the runners and nailed it on. The other two runners were spaced evenly so that they held up the end of the target and allowed the side supports (to be attached in the next step) would fit around the target.

The back side supports (tall one goes in the middle) were attached in line with the cross pieces.

Step 3: Assembly Continues

Next, attach the side supports and the two front supports. No center support on the front as we'll be shooting at that side of the target.

Also, here's a photo showing how I trimmed the leading and trailing ends of the runners to help them move over transitions between garage, driveway, yard, etc.

Step 4: Finished

Now, we put the target on the sled. A perfect fit. It's not a super-snug fit, but it holds the target well. I took a length of rope and attached it to one end (drilled a hole in one end of the runners). I passed it through a scrap of CPVC pipe for a handle. I knotted the rope on either side of the handle so it would be in the middle when you reach for it.

This is my first instructable. I hope you like it. Please vote for me in the 2x4 contest if you really like this idea. I thought it was a handy way to make moving the target simpler and used some scrap lumber in the process. So, cost was minimal. It took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

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