Introduction: Arduino 32X16 LED Matrix Clock

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I found a very nice toy of the case.
I was thinking trying to make a very nice clock with the toys of the case.

Unfortunately ,very nice toy of the case could not be found only one.
Failure is not allowed *_*

Step 1: Materials/components.

  • Very nice toy of the case × 1

  • Arduino Nano × 1

  • RTC (ZS-042)

  • 32 * 16 LED Matrix (AD-501-C:Rohm BD7851FP)

  • PHR10 cable 10cm (H2689-10cm-F41)

  • Electronic substrate

  • 2.54mm pin header female (10P + 6P + 15P +15P)

  • 2.54mm pin header male

  • USB Power cable (2-pin header)

Step 2: Design of Circuit Diagram.

RTC (ZS-042)

SDA pin -> Arduino Analog 4
SCL pin -> Arduino Analog 5

32 * 16 LED MATRIX AD-501-C:

1:VCC pin -> Arduino Degital 6

2:SIN1 pin -> Arduino Degital 7

3:SIN2 pin -> Arduino Degital 8

4:SIN3 pin -> Arduino Degital 9

5:CLOCK pin -> Arduino Degital 10

6:LATCH pin -> Arduino Degital 11

7:ENABLE pin -> Arduino Degital 12

8:VLED pin -> 5V

9:GND pin -> GND

10:GND pin -> GND

Step 3: To Create a PHR10 Cable.

Reconnect the 2.54mm pin header male to PHR10 cable.


Step 4: Temporary Assembly.

I have a provisional assembly by using a breadboard and a jumper pin , it was to create a Arduino sketch

of the clock.

Step 5: Time Adjustment.

Time adjustment is performed in the serial communication.

Step 6: Assembly.

I assembled as shown in the photograph.
It is completed and put into the case.

Step 7: Finally, Place It!

I was able my favorite watch.
I will put in place to see all the time :-)