Introduction: Arduino BLDC Motor- Ventilation and a Summer Cooler Device

This instructables hopefully help some of you to cool down

Today, May 10, 2017, was a freaking hot in the Philippines! I don’t know in your place but here, 40 deg C.

So here is the idea, originally, I wanted to make an Exhaust fan out of any ac motor to save me from buying a new one.

This exhaust fan project will ventilate the house and sucks in a fresh and cool air. But unfortunately, there’s none that I can found in my place, so here comes my alternative solution.

A BLDC or BrushLess DC Motor hookup in Arduino with a big propeller! =)


Interfacing Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) With Arduino

Drones and ROVs and Arduinos

Now, here are what you need

Step 1: Gather Your Components


1. Arduino IDE



1. Arduino Microcontroller

2. 12v 2A DC Power Adopter

3. Wire Connectors

4. Terminal Block

5. Brushless DC Motor (with ESC - depends on yout motor specs.)

6. Switch

7. Aligator Clip

8. Propeller


1. Soldering Iron

2 Soldering Lead

3. Electrical Tape

4. Some screws and nut (i use a screw hook and wood screws)

5. Velcro (or anything to tie up your system together)

6. Piece of wood

7. Philip screw driver


Let's Get started!

Step 2: Connect Your Wires

First thing you wanna do iss to:

1. connect the wires of 12vdc 2a power adopter to the terminal block (Negative - out to ESC)

2. connect a wire inside the switch, then connect it to the terminal block (Positive + out to ESC)

3. connect a wire (green)to terminal block of Negative wireand Positive wire respectively, these wire are going out to ESC (+ and -)

NOTE: for noob like me, be very very carefull on connecting wires, specially positive wire and negative wire.

Step 3: Connect the Main Components

While our wires are connected its time for our main components

1. Connect ESC to BLDC motor (A to yellow wire, B to black wire, C to red wire)

2. Solder the Aligator clip to ESC battery terminal

3. Connect the ESC three wires like from the servo motors to White wire to Arduino DIgital PIN, Red wire to Arduino 5v, Black wire to Arduino GND.

4. Clip the Postive wire from terminal block to ESC postive aligator clip

5. Clip the Negative wire from terminal block to ESC negative aligator clip

Step 4: Upload Codes and Testing System

1. Open the Arduino IDE

2. Download the Code here.

3. Upload the file to Arduino Microcontroller

(NOTE: speed will be limited to 90 to 105 only, lower than 90 will not function and higher than 105 will reset the whole device because of the luck of juice from the 12v power adopter, it always depend on the current being feed and the current needed to operate at different level. in this case, 2 ampere was not enough to deliver the desired output.)

4. it's time to power-up the system!

NOTE: do not assemble the propeller yet!

test if the rotation is counter-clockwise or clockwise.

change the connection of BLDC motor A and C to ESC

Step 5: Final Step

if everything's good, mount your system to your wood with screws, nuts and velcro.

then its time to place your device anywhere in your home.!

Finally, Assemble the propeller!

ENJOY! have cool summer!