Introduction: Arduino Barometer With Nokia 5110 LCD

This is a simple barometer with Arduino.

Step 1: Intro


Well i am still a newbie with Arduino and i dont have enough free time to learn the programming properly.

I found some sample codes with u8glib library for some sensors.

They were originally for I2C oled SSD1306 displays. But!!! I don't like these tiny OLED displays. Sorry!!

I know, that the u8glib library can be interfaced with the Nokia 5110 displays very easily.

So i modified some sample codes to work with it.

I done it with DHT11, BMP180 , DS18B20. If i have time , will publish it.

Step 2: Hardware

Parts you need:

- An arduino Mega or any other Arduino board

- BMP180 sensor

- Nokia 5110 LCD

- Some jumper wires

- Arduino IDE

The pinout is included in the sketch.

Step 3: Code

Download the Arduino file, download the libraries, compile it and upload to your Arduino board.

*pressure = bmp.readPressure() / 98.5; Modify this value to get accurate barometric results.

Step 4: Done!

You are done. Use it as you like!

Have a nice day!