Arduino Bi-ped (baby Dino)

Introduction: Arduino Bi-ped (baby Dino)

About: An Engineer student

Baby dino it is a two legged robot using arduino , It basically use 5 servo motor ,2 for each legs and one for head

,it use the ultrasonic sensor to detect the obstacle and avoid it, so let see how to make it..

Step 1: Introduction

  • Baby dino is the diy robot using arduino
  • It is made out of cardboard
  • It will find obstacles and move left or right

Step 2: Components Required

  • 1 X (arduino uno or arduino nano or arduino mega)
  • 5 X (servo 9g)
  • 1 X (HC SR04 ultrasonic sensor)
  • 1 X (lipo battery 2s or 9v battery)

Step 3: Fixing Servo

  • download the program
  • uplode to arduino
  • connect the servo according to the diagram
  • and fix the servo horn
  • make sure everything is at 90 degree


Step 4: Design

  • Downlode the design
  • print it on A4
  • paste it on cardboard
  • cut it out

Step 5: Final Step

  • fix the servo to cardboard
  • uplode the program to arduino
  • connect the servo and ultrasonic sensor
  • manage the cable as tail
  • connect the battery
  • That is it.............

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    Question 2 years ago

    Nice work! would you please upload the printable files? Thank you in advance!


    Answer 2 years ago

    sry,check it now