Introduction: Arduino Blue LED Dice

Thanks to nick_rivera for the credit

This is the Arduino dice that can be used in types of board games and the numbers are shown randomly.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:18 Jumpers

7 LEDs (I used blue ones)


Resistor (I used 100ohm, 10 ohm would work too)

Solderless breadboard

Arduino Leonardo(+usb cable for connection)




Knife to dig hole


Step 2: Arrange the LEDs

Start arranging them onto the board, having the negative side of the LEDs point to the left.

LED 1 goes between pins (1-,2+)

LED 2 goes on (5-,6+)

LED 3 on (9-,10+)

LED 4, in the middle, must be stretched between (4-, 7+).

The last 3 LEDs go directly below the first 3 LEDs, but on the other side of the breadboard.

Step 3: Connect the LEDs to Ground

Take your jumpers and connect all of the negative(-) sides of the LEDs to the ground rail.

Step 4: Jumpers Connect to Arduino

Get out your large jumpers, and put a jumper onto each positive(+) side of the LEDs. It is much easier if you color code the jumpers, it will help later. Also, connect a large jumper to the ground rail, and that will connect to the ground on the Arduino.

Now, we connect the jumpers onto the Arduino board itself.

LED1/Pin 12

LED2/Pin ~11

LED3/Pin ~10

LED4/Pin ~9

LED5/Pin 8

LED6/Pin 7

LED7/Pin ~6


Step 5: The Pushbutton

Now, we connect the pushbutton. Start by placing the big and black button on to the board. (see the diagram for further understanding).

Step 6: Arduino Code

I change the delay time from 5 seconds to 1 second.

Step 7: Set Up the Cage

Prepare a shoebox and a knife to dig the hole for the LEDs and the pushbutton. Be careful when you are cutting the box. YOU DON'T WANT TO HURT YOURSELF!!!

Step 8: The Video!