Introduction: Arduino Night Lamp

The purpose of the night lamp is to provide minor lights for the night. It has got RGB light to present different moods and feelings. The base of this lamp is inspired by the leaning tower of Pisa and on top of that is a cylinder and cut out oval shapes in order to see the lights inside. The semicircle roof is cut out in star shapes and the lights can also be seen through the stars.

Step 1: Design the Sketch of the Lamp

Create your design on tinkercad and make a 3D object that is hollow. After finish designing the lamp, export the sketch into the STL document.

Step 2: Print Out the 3D Object

The machine I use is MakerBot replicator plus. The steps are pretty easy, just insert a USB that has the document and then the information will pop up right away. This 3D lamp took me two hours and 42 minutes to finish printing.

Some problems happen when the 3D lamp is being printed. Some flaws did appear on the stars and inside the opals. They weren't big problems but some after works need to be done in order to make the thing looks good.

Step 3: Connect the Wire to Arduino

Materials: wire*15, RGB Led*1, potentiometer*3, Arduino leonardo, breadboard*1

Step 4: Code!

Step 5: Finish Setting Up the Lamp Itself

in order to hide the RGB led inside the lamp. I used a special material that is soft but stable, the lights can also go through the material to create a night-time mood. I used white glue to glue the material inside the opal shape.

Step 6: Set Up the Box for Arduino

I used a utility knife to cut through the box in order to let the cables and lights and potentiometers to come out. Watch out the knife is sharp and can cut your fingers easily.

Step 7: Video on YouTube!