Introduction: Arduino Christmas Frame & A6 GSM Module

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The frame was made just for fun in Christmas time :)

Watch a YouTube movie to see a demo.

  1. AI A6 GSM module receives SMS and sends it to Arduino Uno as a master (i2c bus).
  2. Arduino Uno sends by i2c bus info to Arduino Nano to start to move servos, and to another Nano to play a music.
  3. Arduino Nano, which plays a music, sets high state on PIN 2, and module ISD1820 starts to play a previously recorded song.

Step 1: Materials

  • 1x Ardunio Uno.
    Brain of whole construction. It manages data between Arduinos, GSM module and LCD.
  • 2x Arduino Nano.
    First one is to move servos. Second one is for playing music (triggers ISD1820 module).
  • 1x 0,5 Watt speaker
  • ISD1820 module
    Keeps saved/recorded melody.
  • Wires with male pins.
  • Female pin headers.
    For power supply bus and i2c transmission data bus.
  • 1x LCD2004 + I2C 2004 20x4 HD44780
  • 1x GSM module AI A6
  • 2x SG-90 servos
  • Hot glue
  • Big photo frame
  • 1x PCB board
  • 1x power switch
  • 1x female DC or USB plug.
  • Red textile material.
  • 1x USB charger or typical DC power supply. It requires 5V 2A.
    I'm not sure if it works with 1A. GSM module takes a lot of current when it's logging to network on start.

Step 2: Construction

The biggest problem was to find Christmas decorations and plan how they should be sticked to frame :)

Things to do:

  • Hot glue Christmas decorations and servos. It's the easiest way to mount everything together.
    You can also use two-sided foam tape.
  • Drill some holes for female pin headers, LCD and Arduino mount.
  • Code three Arduinos.
    Here it is: GitHub Source
  • Sign all wires just to keep everything organized.
  • I will not draw sketches. If anyone would like to do something like this frame, he should dive into source code from GitHub. It's the best way :)
  • Solder two buses made from PCB board and four female pin headers.
    One bus is for i2c transmission between Arduinos and LCD.
    Second bus is for power supply for every element.
  • A6 GSM module communicates with Arduino Uno by RX/TX SoftwareSerial.
    Hardware serial is used for PC debug mode.

Step 3: Programming

Code is available here: GitHub Source

There is a code splitted for three Arduinos. It's quite easy to see what is going on ;)

Step 4: Results

At the top of this instructable You will find YouTube demo.