Edison Lamp Dimmer 230V Arduino IRDA Remote Control



Introduction: Edison Lamp Dimmer 230V Arduino IRDA Remote Control

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In this instructable I show You how to make 230V dimmer based on Arduino.
I use remote controller of my Samsung TV, but it's not necesary. Take a look at YouTube video embedded above.

In nex steps I describe shortly how to build a circuit.

Step 1: You Will Need...

Parts to buy:

  1. MOC 3021 optocoupler
  2. BT136 triac
  3. Resistors:
    1 x 360 ohm 1/4W
    1 x 330 ohm 1/4W
    1 x 33K ohm 1/4W
    2 x 68K ohm 2W
  4. AC/DC 5V power supply
  5. Arduino ;)

Arduino code:

Step 2: Circuit Sketches

We can split this circuit in three parts:

  1. Ardunio as a microcontroller.
    Keeps all instructions how to behave.
  2. Zero cross detection module based on PC814 or EL814.
    Tells Arduino when it should trigger the Triac BT136.
  3. 230V trigger based on Triac BT136 and optocoupler MOC3021 to dim a bulb.

All images You have above of this step.

More info You can find below. It's the best description of I've found about 230V and Arduino dimming.


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