Introduction: Arduino Clone Board for High Power Hybrid Stepper Motor


In this instructables you will learn to control an Hybrid Stepper Motor by an Arduino Clone Board and an industriel cheap HMI in 2 ways:

- accurate speed control

- accurate rotor position control.

Step 1: Global View and Skills of the System

This system includes:

-pushbuttons and lights for command and state visualize of the controller

-an industrial HMI Coolmay MT6070HA with a serial Modbus RTU communication

-a LCD display to display local value such as position, speed, number of pulses...

-an hybrid stepper motor 86HSE8N-BC38 nema34+ HSS86 controller

-an Arduino Clone Board made of a simple Atmega328P

Step 2: Electrical Diagram and Arduino Stuffs

The LCD display is a 4x20 char and I used it with a special SPI board of my own DIY, just to avoid to use the I2C pins (A4 and A5) and it really works without any EMC problems of the I2C network.

I used too special libraries for:

-LCD on spi owing to 74HC595

-state machine diagram

-PWM output with easy frequency control.

-an analog filter library if you use an external trimmer

I supply a tutorial on Stepper Motor with the matrix of addresses used in the project and some formulas for speed and position.

The state diagram is an example you can follow. It's up to you.

Step 3: The Industrial Cheap HMI

The cost of this HMI is about 150 euros and there is no lan link only serials. The COM2 is dedicated to MODBUS RTU serial and the wirring needs only 3 wires.

I provide the program with a tutorial and folder containing industrial buttons an lights pics.

Step 4: Conclusion

You can find some programs on the net to control this type of motor with an arduino but you need the typical provided library PWM unless it gives sometimes strange behavior on you motor.

Thanx to all valuable instructable found everywhere. Happy instructables!!