Introduction: Arduino Controlled Mini Table Saw


This is my 4th instructable.

I want to introduce many things that I made but hard to write down in English always.

But recently I made mini table saw that controlled with Arduino

and I really want to introduce this to you.

Its fence is digitally controlled by Arduino so makes enable accurate and fast cutting.

Step 1: Parts.

1. Spindle Motor - from Aliexpress or Taobao.

2. Nema17 Stepper Motor

3. Double Timing Pulley - Ultimaker part.

4. Timing Pulley

5. Timing Belt

6. Arduino

7. A4988 Stepper Driver

8. Optical Limit Sensor - I made my own, but you can buy it under 1$.

9. 16*2 Character LCD with I2C Serial Module - I2C module makes wire less.

10. Linear Shaft

11. Linear Shaft Bearing

12. Shaft Holder

13. If you have any table saw it could be easier yours to make digitally than make new one.

Step 2: How It Works

I used one motor with double pulley.

So it can make forces on both sides.

GT2 timing belt's pitch is 2mm

and double timing pulley has 20 teeth.

1 rev = 200step = 20teeth = 40mm

1step = 0.2mm


1/2 step = 0.1mm

I cant imagine table saw will cut under 0.1mm.

I decided minimum travel distance to 0.1mm

Step 3: Arduino and PCB

I made arduino shield and control switch pcb.

It use only one analog input to control.

there are 3 switches(Up, Select, Down)

You can see youtube and arduino sketch.

All comments on arduino sketch is Korean(sorry)

AND this analog input control may will not work your own shield

because your analog value can be different with mine.

so I uploaded another sketch(analogread_test.ino)

Upload it to your arduino and press 3 switches.

You can read analog value with serial monitor

and edit the 152,157,161 line

ex) when up select pressed and analog value is 700

-> 700+100 = 800 is max, 700-100 = 600 is min.


line 161 : if(pinValue<800 && pinValue>600{ is good.

Step 4: Assemble and Adjust

I added dc-dc for arduino and stepper motor.

After assembling it, cut some sheet with table saw and measure it.

You should modify the sketch [line 20 : sensorDistance = 7.9] for good result.

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