Arduino Dice by Alvin

Introduction: Arduino Dice by Alvin


- 10 long wires

- 15 short wires

7 LEDs

Pushbutton x1

Resistor x1

Arduino board x1

USB line x1


Step 1: Connect Your Led

- Place your led between pin

led1 (1,-2),

led2 (5,-6)

led3 (9,-10)

led4 (4,-7)

and the last 3 led goes directly under led 1, led 2 and led 3.

Step 2: Connect Your Wires

- connect all of your wires on the negative sides of the leds

Step 3: Push Button

Place your push button the the Arduino just like the picture shown above.

Step 4: Place Your Wire on the Arduino Pin Board

LED1/Pin 12

LED2/Pin ~11

LED3/Pin ~10

LED4/Pin ~9

LED5/Pin 8

LED6/Pin 7

LED7/Pin ~6

Step 5: Code!

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing !