Introduction: New Taipei City Tourist Map!!!

In this project, I'm going to make a box and there will be a map of New Taipei City on top of it. The goal of this project is to let kids and adults know the 3 main big area in New Taipei City. There's 3 button which is placed at the side of the box, when you press the button, the light will glow and show one of the place in New Taipei City.

Step 1: Prepare Your Material

1. Card board

2. Push Button X 3

3. Red led x 1

4. Green led x 1

5. Yellow led x 1

6. 25 wires

7. Tape

8. Hot glue gun

Step 2: Make the Box !

1. Cut 4 pieces of cardboard for one big cardboard

2. Use ruler to scale them and see if their width are15cm and length are 20 cm.

3. Use hot glue gun to stick them together.

4. You get a box!

Step 3: Arduino Board!

Remake the exactly same wire on my Arduino board and copy to your board.

Step 4: Dig Holes on the Side of Arduino Box.

1. dig 3 holes on the side of the box for the button

2. Then dig 3 holes on the top of the cardboard for the led lights.

3. Use tape to stuck them together.

Step 5: Code!

Write the exactly same code like me on ArduBlock

Step 6: Finish!!!