Introduction: Arduino Dice by LED

Hi~ I am student from Kang Chiao International School, I am going to introduce how to make an Arduino Dice.

Refrence: I change the time that the LED brightens.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

What you will need:

18 Jumpers (11 large 7 small)

7 LEDs (I used red ones)

PushbuttonResistor (I used 100ohm, 10 ohms would work too)

Solderless breadboard Arduino (+usb cable for connection)

Optional: small strap-down copper jumpers

Tools: Wirecutter computer.

Step 2: Connect LEDs and Jumpers to Board

Connect all jumpers and LEDs to the Board. (negative sides)

Step 3: Bottom to the Board

Connect the pushbutton on to the board.

Step 4: Connect the Jumpers to the Arduino

LED1/Pin 12

LED2/Pin ~11

LED3/Pin ~10

LED4/Pin ~9

LED5/Pin 8

LED6/Pin 7

LED7/Pin ~6

Step 5: Code

Connect the board to your computer and upload the code.