Introduction: Push the Button

Machine for KCIS students.

This is a machine that can connect to websites.

Push the button to link to the website.

Gmail, Managbac, and student system are three websites that students in KCIS use most often. We need to use Gmail to check what lunch we eat every day, and the school also sends important messages to our Gmail. All the tasks from every subject are all on Managebac. Because of the epidemic, we need to fill in our temperature every day in the morning and during lunchtime. This machine has three buttons that can link to these three websites, this machine can be placed in the classroom, so students can be more convenient.

The button on the right can connect to Gmail.

The button in the middle can connect to Managebac.

The button on the left can connect to the student system, which will be easier to fill in our temperature.

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare materials you need to make this machine.

- breadboard

- jumper wires *17

- 10k ohm resistors *3

- button *3

- USB cable

Step 2: Connect Components to the Breadboard

Follow the instruction, connect the components to the breadboard. The resistor should be blue, not the orange one.

Step 3: Box

Find a box that can cover the components.

Only three buttons will show up, the breadboard will be placed in the box.

Cut three holes on the top of the box.

One hole on the side on the box, for the USB cable to connect the computer.

So the machine will work easier.

Step 4: Code

Step 5: Final Step

Put the breadboard into the box and connect the breadboard with your computer.

A machine that can link you to the websites you use every day is done!