Introduction: How to Make Arduino GIMBAL (CAMERA STABILIZATION)

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Hey all,
In this tutorial , we will make Gimbal(Camera Stabilization System) by using Arduino and MPU6050 sensor .

You can watch the video if you want to see how this project works!

Step 1: Required Hardware

Required Hardware:

x1 Arduino Nano

x1 MPU-6050 gyro/accelerometer sensor


x1 Cardboard box (For more proffesional performance, you can use 3d printer)

x2 Servo motor( Better servo better performance and lack of vibrating)

x1 9v battery or adapter (for servo motors)

Step 2: The Construction Phase

Here some photos for the gimbal chassis. As i said before you can use 3d printer for the chassis instead of Cardboard box.
If you wonder the details about construction phase and how this project works , you can watch the video...

Step 3: Circuit Connection

In this step we need to make our control unit. We need to connect sensor,servo motors and arduino together on breadboard.

Here fritzing circuit diagram for the connections..

Step 4: Source Code

For the control unit we need to upload source code to the arduino.

Note that there is an explanation beside the codes. Also carefull about the variables that i have created named as "x and y". That part for the calibration. If you make your chassis well and if you don't have any trouble with your servo sensibilty you don't have to use these variables the way i used.

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