Introduction: Arduino Home Automation (Bluetooth) | Reyax RYB080I_APP1 Review

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In this article I will create a project related to bluetooth and microcontrollers. I will try to connect the microcontroller to Android via bluetooth and then give commands to the microcontroller to turn on the relay and LED.

Connecting a microcontroller with bluetooth is a new thing for me. To make it easier to learn, I used the bluetooth + relay module "RYB080I_APP1" from REYAX. This is a control panel with two sets of low energy relays and Bluetooth v4.2 & v5.0. Using the REYAX-developed AT command, this module can quickly and easily connect with smartphones and all kinds of bluetooth devices


Here are the materials used in this project:

  • Modul RYB080I_APP1
  • kable Mikro USB
  • Power supply 5V Or Charger

The material used is quite small, this is because of the RYB080I_APP1 module. If there is no this module, the material needed is definitely more. because the microcontroller and Bluetooth modules are usually sold separately. so need jumper wires to combine them.

Step 1: Modul RYB080I_APP1

The main material in this project is RYB080I_APP1. This module contains Bluetooth v4.2 and v5.0 Low energy and two sets of 5V relays. This module contains a default firmware that can be used directly and has been integrated with applications provided by Reyax. so there is no need to do the coding process and flash the firmware on this module. maybe coding and flash firmware is needed if you are going to make another project.

You can find user manual documents, android applications and application sources for this module on the following website:

Features :

  • Bluetooth v4.2 & v5.0 with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • REYAX RYB080I Industrial core
  • Control easily by AT commands
  • Provide app source code

Application :

  • Power switch control
  • Light control
  • Gate control
  • Fan control
  • Electrical products

Step 2: Instructions for Use

The following are instructions for using the RYB080I_APP1 Module:

  • Install the RYB080I APP1 application
  • Turn on the module by connecting the 5V power supply using a USB cable
  • Open App RYB080i APP1, press search button, select bluetooth with name RYB080I_app1
  • After the module is connected, the application will display the name and mac address of the module
  • Press the name, after that a module display will appear with buttons to control 2 relays and LEDs

if the relay is connected to an electronic device such as a lamp. the relay can be used to turn off and on the lamp that are commanded via bluetooth.

Step 3: Conclusion

I think this module is easy to operate. for the default function no coding process is needed at all. This module has 2 relays so that it can be used to control 2 electronic devices. This module also includes Uart pads and other pads if you need them.

After a few days of using this module I have a few ideas in mind, namely:

  • try to connect it with other module like arduino nano or ESP8266
  • create Desktop applications that can be integrated with this module

I will follow up on these ideas in articles that will be published in the future

Thank you for reading this article, hopefully it will be useful and see you in another article.