Introduction: DIY Bluetooth Audio Receiver + Pop Noise Remover for Amplifier TPA3116D2 2.1

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In this article I will make a special audio receiver bluetooth module for the TPA3116d2 2.1 Amplifier (then I will call TPA3116d2). I call it special because the design of this module is based on the PCB TPA3116d2. To see the design of this module, you can see the top module in the image above.

Based on the article "Remove Pop Noise on TPA3116d2 Amplifier" that I made earlier, the TPA3116d2 produces pop noise when first turned on. So I added pop noise remover in bluetooth module which i will make in this article.

Overall, the module that I will make has two functions that are quite useful for TPA3116d2 users, namely:

  1. Bluetooth audio receiver (stereo)
  2. Pop noise remover

So, let's start making the module

Step 1: Component and Material

Modul :

  • 1*DC-DC-STEP-DOWN-LM2596
  • 1*MH-M18 Bluetooth module


  • 1*Terminal Block 1
  • 1*Green led
  • 1*Orange led
  • 4*Push button
  • 2*Audio Jack 3.5mm


  • 1*C 10u
  • 2*C 1u
  • 2*C 47u
  • 1*IC LM358
  • 2*TR BC857
  • 4*R 1k
  • 5*R 4k
  • 7*R10k
  • 1*R 9k1
  • 1*R 5k1
  • 4*R 0R
  • 1*R 22k
  • 3*R 100k

Step 2: Skema and Layout

above I have provided a schematic drawing and layout of this Bluetooth Audio Receiver + Pop Noise Remover PCB.

To make a nice and neat module. I decided to use PCBway's services to print the PCB. why did I choose PCBway, because By making PCB on PCBway you can get High Quality 10 PCs PCBs for only $ 5 & new member First order Free:

For PCB fabrication required gerber file of PCB design. The gerber file can also be downloaded below: coming soon

Step 3: Set the Step Down Voltage to 5V

To turn on the Bluetooth Module MH-M18 requires a 5V power supply. So I used stepdown to change the voltage from the main power supply (12-24V) to 5V. The stepdown that I use has an adjustable output voltage. Before inserting into the PCB, the stepdown output needs to be set to 5V first to avoid damaging the bluetooth module.

To adjust the output voltage, turn the trimpot until the rated output is 5V.

Step 4: Insert Components Into PCB

After components and other requirements are ready. now it's time for inserting components to the PCB.

Inserting the components one by one according to the diagrams and schematics that I have provided I suggest installing SMD components first to make it easier. After that just install the THT components and modules (stepdown, Bluetooth).

Step 5: Modif Mute Pin TPA3116d2

Before attaching the module to the TPA3116d2. there is little that needs to be done with the TPA3116d2 Pin Mute. here's what to do:

  • Remove the resistor (R29) connected to the MUTE pin of the subwoofer IC TPA3116d2.
  • Solder the wires on the resistor pad connected to the MUTE pin for both the TPA3116d2

The wires will be connected to the pop noise remover output.

You can see the results of the modifications in the image above.

Step 6: Assemble Module to TPA3116d2

Follow these steps to do the assembly :

  1. Install the 1cm spacer at the bottom with the bolt in the back hole
  2. Install spacers 1cm at the bottom and 2cm at the top in the front hole
  3. Attach the Bluetooth module to the 2cm spacer using screws
  4. attach the mute cable that was installed in the previous step to the output pin of the pop noise remover
  5. Connect the power supply cable to the bluetooth module and pop noise remover

Note :

  1. 1cm spacer used for legs for TPA3116d2
  2. 2cm spacer is used to place the bluetooth module and popoise remover

Step 7: Install Speakers and Power Supply

For testing the Bluetooth Audio Receiver + Pop Noise Remover module I used the following assistive devices:

  1. "Legacy" 6 inch subwoofer speakers
  2. Speaker tower for satellite
  3. Variable power supply that I set to 12V

What needs to be done at this stage is:

  1. Install subwoofer speakers and satellite speakers
  2. Connect module with TPA3116d2
  3. Connect power supply to TPA3116d2

Step 8: How to Operate the Module

every time TPA3116d2 is turned on :

  • position the toggle switch to the front to activate the pop noise remover

after TPA3116d2 is turned on

  • change the position of the toggle switch to the back to activate the bluetooth mute pin
  • the function of this pin is to mute the TPA3116d2 when the music stops, the result is that the speaker does not make noise

Step 9: Results

You can see the test results of the Bluetooth module and pop noise remover in the video above.

in the video I also show the use of the ON/OFF, Play/Pause, Next/V+, and Prev/V- buttons.

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