Introduction: Arduino Intel Edison- Beginner Watering Guide - Uncomplete

Hi Everyone,

Here is my little guide for my project Intel IOT " Plant Rehab Installation ".

My main concept is to bring plants the best conditions to grow thanks to an automatic installation, powered by Arduino - Intel Edison. I am beginner in electronics and programming, also the project is not totally complete yet. It is showing so far the different steps to an automatic watering system. The watering system is based on the « Grove Smart Plant Care » Project for Arduino. Fur further informations, have a look to the brilliant Instructables by Kevin-Lee and Grove Smart Plant Care Kit Notice. All the steps for this project will be further detailed. Required parts for the watering system: 6V Water Pump, Grove - Relay, 12V Power Connector, Power cables, Grove - Water flow sensor, Plastic Tubing & Fitting parts. A few different possibilities will be mentioned, up to you to choose which one seems the most relevant to your plant or installation.


The project is in evolution and I will add further informations as possible ! I would appreciate some comments or constructive message to improve the installation. Any idea or help would be welcomed ! I hope you will enjoy the project. Further informations will be added, and I am planning a video to quickly show how everything works. I will upload the vectors of the visuals and other resources when the project will be fully completed.


Here is below a couple of links necessary to understand all the steps of this project :

Seeedstudio Wiki Grove - Smart Plant Care :

Seeedstudio Wiki Grove - System :

Intel IOT Dashboard :

Intel IOT Installers Intel Edison :

Intel Communities & Forum :

Arduino Playground :

Arduino Platform Online :

Instructables for Beginners :

Instructables by Kevin-Lee :

Data to Cloud via Intel Edison :

Step 1: What Do You Need ? Where to Get It ?

ARDUINO INTEL EDISON - // Wifi Connection and Online access to data via online Intel Dashboard.

Grove - Shield V2 // For easy make&plug :

Grove - UV Sensor // Environment Light

Grove - Temp&Humidity Sensor // Environment Temperature

Grove - Moisture Sensor // Environment Soil Humidity

Grove - Water Flow Sensor // Watering System

Grove - Relay // Watering System

Grove 6V Mini Water Pump // Watering System

Watering Display : Tube and fitting Parts

A plant ! some soil and love.

+ Optional Grove - LED Bar // Display System ( V2.0 - Display System )

+ Optional Grove - Button // Display System ( V2.0 - Display System )

A few online links to find everything you need for the project :

Grove sensors and components :

& all around the world, find your distributor :

Tube and fitting parts : a local animal shop of yours, selling articles for aquariums and terrariums.

Step 2: Connect Your Board !

  • Connect to your computer

The asset of the Intel Edison here is its possibility to connect to wifi, and therefore to overview the data of your sensors directly online through your own Dashboard. Each sensors will be registered there and show the different data informations : this means you don't need necessarily a screen or Led display to see your data, everything is clearly shown into online accurate graphics. ( By definition, it is also visible through the Serial Monitor of Arduino IDE, but only while accessing through a computer. This is relevant while setting up your system, however not when willing to have automate and independent water system. )


The optional Display System ( composed of the Grove - LED Bar and Grove - Button ) is a less accurate but however more graphical and funny way to show the general sensor data through the LED Bar via a button. It is metaphorically representing the status of your plant, based on a calculation from sensors data. See further within the library code step.


Step 3: Connect Your Sensors !

Here is shown on the visual how to assemble your sensors, using Grove - Shield.

It allows easy Plug and Play sensors, download your library and here it works. Sounds easy right ?

Well for beginners it is such a great help ! If you dispose of further skills in electronics and plugging, maybe the Hacking tutorial section of might be something more for you.

Step 4: Connect Your Watering Display !

Here is joined a few variations of the tubing assemblage if you want to customize simply this project by your own !

This is the same plugging system than The Smart Plant Care Kit, using a relay and power connector to connect the 6V Mini Water Pump to the Arduino Board.

Step 5: Upload Your Library

Step 6: Overview of the System

Step 7: Photos of the System

Here is a quick overview of my installation V1.0. The plant is Mint melissa specy, which is not too exigent in water and prefers to have a humid soil in permanence. I used stackable plastic boxes, with water container below and the plant on the top. ( Little advice, before drilling your boxe for preparing tube holes, pre-pierce with a warm tool, for example a welder. )

Step 8: Extend Your System !

The extension of the proposed system can be easily and practically declined in many variations, here is attached a few of them, as well as their schematic. Of course by adding or removing something, it will be up to you to change the library code from Arduino IDE.

1 / Lighting : UV sensor + UV LED

2 / Winding : Temperature sensor + Van

3 / Fogging : Humidity sensor + Fogger

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