Arduino Keypad Door Lock System

Introduction: Arduino Keypad Door Lock System

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Hello dear friends,

In this project i have tried to explain how to built a Door Lock Security System with an Arduino and Keypad....

After you learned that procejt you can use that for your own room door or your wardrobe drawer .Even you can make Combination Safe.

Well i have used 4x4 Keypad for this project but you can use different models but do not forget to change some parts in the code....

Actually it is very easy to use this component with an Arduino,however only thing that you may not like is 4x4 keypad need 8 PIN to work properly...

As most of you know i am using Arduino UNO and almost every project i am trying to visualise my works...
My irreplaceable habit is making LOADING EFFECT on my 16x2 LCD screen. (Actually system does not require loading time but when i add it into my projects that makes me feel better:) :) )

If you still don't know how to create ANIMATONS and CUSTOM CHARECTERS with 16x2 LCD screen please Click Here and read my article [Thermometer with Animation (16x2 LCD and Arduino)]and watch my video .(video language is Turkish,however i think you are clever enough to understand that part (creating custom char and animation) without learning Turkish).

Required Materiels;

x1 Servo motor

x1 KEYPAD( I have used 4x4 but you can use any of them ,just don't forget the change the relevant part in the code.)

x1 buzzer

x2 LED ( you can connect them with 220 ohm resistor but i don't use it cos it depends on your material quality... )

x1 Breadboard

x1 10K POT.



Codes,library and Circuit diagram ahs been uploaded here,but you can reach them also from github(In the codes you will see Turkish words,doN't be afraid of them :) i have translated it almost every part of my codes for you and wrote it just behind the codes....) Click Here...

If you guys like my projects and if they help, please LIKE my videos so that i understand they are helpful and keep going for new projects :)

If any question or suggestion, here or on YouTube channel please...

Good Luck,Have Fun!

Sorry for my English if i made mistakes :/

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    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    hello i have a question, i did everything the same as you and everything works fine, the only one issue is, the 2 LEDs do not Light up, when i change the LED orientation, it Lights up and when i enter the password the LEDs turns off and after my defined time to Lock again the LED turns ON again