Introduction: Arduino LED Water Lamp

This is the LED water lamp.

When you flip the left power switch on water will flow through a "Dreams" pipe.

When you flip the right power switch on LED will turn on.

RGB LED is not controlled by any switch or button. It is always being on.


You can buy most of the supplies from here.


Arduino Leonardo


Male-to-male Jumper Wires

Male-to-female Jumper Wires

Barrier Terminal Block

LED string light


Aquarium Power Filter PF-320

Two-way switch



Project box plastic with aluminum cover x1

Plastic box x1

2 Pieces of 5mm transparent Acrylic Sheet

Butterfly pea flower x6

450ml Boiled water




Alcohol swab


Soldering iron
Tin solder wire

UV glue


Power drills

Rasp file

Diagonal pliers


Scotch tape


Step 1: Prepare Two Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Choose the font and make it to A4 size.

Use CNC Milling Machine to cut acrylic sheet with the text "Dreams".

Use UV glue to stick both sheets together.

Step 2: Preparing the Project Box

Use marker to line the area where you are going to put acrylic sheet and two-side switch in. This step can help you to drill on the fit areas.

Use power drills to drill hole on each two sides of the box.

Use a rasp file shaping the rough part.

Put the acrylic sheet and switch in.

Step 3: Wiring and Coding

Connect everything to Arduino as shown in the picture:

Use soldering iron to solder the wires. Make sure there are stable. It supplies heat to melt solder so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces.

Here is the code for RGB.

Use diagonal pliers to cut the small hole for charging cables.

You need a screwdriver for screwing (installing) screws of the project box.

Step 4: Preparing Pipe

Put three pipes into the holes of the acrylic sheet then put the middle pipe into an aquarium power filter.

Step 5: Preparing Liquad Water

First, you need some butterfly pea flowers and one bottle of water.

You can buy butterfly pea flowers online. It's very cheap also the color is attractive.

Note that butterfly pea flower tea is not the only option. Any other translucent and non-precipitating liquid water like black tea is available either.

Here's the step to make butterfly pea flower tea:)

Take around 5-6 of flowers add into teapot/mug.

Pour 400ml boiled water with 90-degree Celcius. Wait for 2-5 minutes then serve it.

Btw sorry that here's no picture. I will add it after I fix my project ;)

Step 6: Finish

I will add pictures and video after I fix my project ;)