Introduction: Arduino Lamp Use Button

The idea is from which is controlled by a potentiometer to how many seconds the light blink. The idea I want to change from this project is that. I was using the button instead of a Potentiometer and I also use a few pieces of paper cardboard and few straws to make this lamp. I change that instead of using the potentiometer to control it blinking I change it into by clicking the button to control the light to be open or close.

Step 1: Materiel

1. One Button

2. One piece of Arduino board & A breadboard

3. Energy (I use mobile power pack)

4. Two resistance

5. Two stews

6. Tape

7. Few Dupont lines

8. One LED light

9. One scissor

10. Hot melt adhesive

Step 2: Code

Step 3: Procedure

I first use paper cardboard and hot-melt adhesive to make the cover of the box.

The second I use tape to stable the neck of the lamp

Last I write the code then upload it into the Arduino board

Step 4: Link to My Testing Video

This is the lamp I made