Introduction: Wake Up Machine

The reason that I create this machine is that when I wake up in the morning by the alarm, I would easily fell asleep if I didn't wear my glass, and the alarm would be easily close by pressing a button. Therefore I made this machine, which could use the delay to control what time in the morning I what it to function (wake up) then the machine would make to the noise until I take up my glasses. I would not fell asleep with my glass on.

Step 1: Material



Hot glue gun

DuPont line



Utility knife



Portable charger

Step 2: Process

1. Use the utility knife to cut cardboard (Box 1) into one 20cm x 14cm (Base), two 20cm x 4cm (Wall of the longer side), two 14cm x 4cm (Wall of the shorter side) [Picture 1]. One 10.5cm x 17cm, one 6cm x 6cm, one 6cm x 7cm, one 4cm x 17cm [Picture 2]. (Box 2) One 18cm x 10cm (Base), two 18cm x 5cm (Wall of the longer side), two 10cm x 5cm (Wall of shorter side) [Picture 3].

2. Install the speaker and photoresistance in (Box 2)

3. Write the code into the Arduino and install the circuit on the breadboard

4. Put the Arduino into box 1

5. Change the source of electricity to a portable charger.

Step 3: The Code & Circuit

This is what my circuit looks like and the link to the Arduino website with the code I write.

Step 4: The Testing Video of My Machine