Introduction: Arduino Leonardo Dice

This project could help us randomly roll the dice by showing different light to us it could help us reduce the time to pick up the dice from the floor so the dice would not be gone.


  1. you would need 6 Led lights,
  2. one breadboard
  3. one Arduino Leonardo
  4. one button
  5. some cable
  6. some resister
  7. one box to cover up all the cable when you finish

Step 1: Connect Your Materials to the Arduino Board

you have to connect your led light and your button to your Arduino Leonardo first you have to connect six lights and one button to your breadboard. (Like the picture given from the Arduino website)

Step 2: Enter the Code Given From the Arduino Website

After connectin all your material to your Arduino Leonardo you have to enter the code from your computer to your Arduino board using the cable to connect, and the code from the Link is (Link for code) I changed the Time-delayed of the original code, The dice I made could run quicker which means that we could know answer of the dice faster then the original.

Step 3: Final Step

After finishing everything you should use a box to cover up all the wires and only show the six led light and the button out after finishing covering up all the wires, you could use the dice and play games or use it to do other things!

Step 4: The Video of Arduino Dice