Introduction: Learning Assistant and It's Materials

For the object, I am doing a device to help people study better and have more recess for the students, for the device, the sensor could count out how much time did you study, how much recess time could you have and how many time did the student off-task during the time of studying. The parent of the student could change the studying time and the recess time of their child.


First, the material you need for this project is:

Arduino Leonardo x 1

Breadboard x 1

Some wires x 15+

Lights x 7+

LCD x 1

Resistance x 7+

Shoebox to cover up the wires at last x 1

Step 1: Start With Your Project

This step you have to connect materials which is the wires, lights, sensor, and LCD to the breadboard, and the order t to connect the board is first to connect the positive and negative wire to the breadboard, second, you have to connect the sensor then the LCD, At last, connect the lights on the breadboard ( Never forget to put resistance beside each light)

Step 2: Start Writing the Code

At the back of the code has an analysis of what is the code for and how does the code helps you with your project, so if you don't get the meaning of the code and how does it work, please look at the bask of the code.

link for code

Step 3: Cover Out All the Wires

After finishing everything (connecting and coding), you should use a box to cover up all the wires and only show one LCD, Two LED, and one sensor out from the box, which makes the outer look much better. After covering the box you could let your children be studying by the time you want, and you could also know how often does your child off the task for each time they study.

Step 4: Video of Showing How to Use