Introduction: Arduino Matrix Display Emotional Faces

Today we are making different faces with Arduino and Matrix Display 8 x 8

Step 1: Prepare Your Stuffs

prepare the materials.

Arduino Leonardo

Led Matrix display with max7219

Jumper wires


Cardboard Boxes (for decoration)

Step 2: Connections

Connect the MAX7219 Red Dot Matrix with Arduino according to the picture above.

Step 3: Coding Part

To be able to function the Matrix LED, you need to download the LED Control Libary in your Arduino IDE.

Click here to download the LedControl library :

After you download the library open it in your Arduino IDE and make sure that you apply it.

Copy the code in the following website into your Arduino IDE coding page:

Step 4: Decoration

Decorate it and hide the wires with boxes in the way you like, you could also color the box to make it even more beautiful. Or, you may just put in the boxes and not the wires exposed on the outside. Remember to have a hole on the side to let your electric wire can be plug to the Arduino board. Use clays or tape to stable your thing. And, you are DONE!! Have Fun And Enjoy It.

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