Introduction: Duck Launcher

This is the Duck Launcher that I made. This duck launcher launches a duck when your bathtub is filled with water and ready for you to take a bath. When the sensor senses the water level reaches a point, it will release the rubber duck. This rubber duck could be the best friend of your shower time. Let's gather the materials and make one in your house so you would never feel alone while taking a bath.

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

The things you will need for this machine:

Rubber Duck (For Sure) x1

Arduino Uno or Leonardo x1

Water sensor x1

servo motor x1

jumper wires

Cardboard (6.5cm x 18cm) x1, (20cm x 15cm)x1, (15cm x 10cm x2)



double-sided tape

Step 2: Connect the Components

Connect the components and wires as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Decorate Your Cardboard

You could paint it, draw things you like on it, or do anything. Just remember if you are decorating your appearance, you need to decorate it before you stick it together. It will become harder to decorate you stick it together first. Ok, after you decorate it or color it in the way you want, use tape to stick it together like how the second picture was shown.

Step 4: Coding

Click the following link to copy the code for this machine:

Step 5: Finish.

Stick the 6.5cm x 17cm cardboard on the servo motor as a blocker for the rubber duck. Stick on the things on the wall above your bathtub. The cardboard under which connecting with the servo motor will be activated and move when the water sensor senses the level of water that was set early. When the blockade under the rubber duck moves away, the rubber duck would fall down into your bathtub. Now, you can enjoy your happy time with your true friend in the bathtub. It will keep you from loneliness in the bathtub forever.