Introduction: Arduino Minesweeper

About: Artista brasileiro interessado em gambiarras no geral!

A Fun version of the Minesweeper game, using Arduino Leonardo, 8x8 NeoMatrix Led Array, Button and Joystick Module.


1x Arduino Leonardo

1x Neomatrix Led Array 8x8

1x Joystick thumb module

1x Push Button (optional)

Step 1: Wiring (Simple As This) and the Code.

It was then that I found the works of Rachit Belwariar, on the page and also that of Cagdas Basaraner, at 01 / algorithms-explained-minesweeper-game.html

I decided to adapt the Belwariar code to show the minefield in a matrix of leds, changing the colors of the leds to indicate the number of mines nearby. I am still going to implement the routine to flag suspected mine sites with a flag. And create some animations for the end of the game, in the conditions of victory and defeat. The result is quite fun and guarantees a few hours of leisure.

Ps;.At first I was unable to use the joystick module button, because the maneuver was uncomfortable. But with a few adjustments to the code, I was able to abandon the additional button.