Introduction: Arduino - NOKIA 5110 LCD MENU to Control LEDS or RELAYS

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Hello world! Long time ago! Im sorry.. busy days..

Today i made a Menu to control LEDS or RELAYS on a nokia 5110 LCD screen. You can use leds or relays no need to change the code, i added 2 Schematics 1 with leds and one with relays. Follow the next step for the schematics, Code & parts list!

You need these 2 Libraries:

  1. Adafruit_GFX.h
  2. Adafruit_PCD8544.h

Step 1: Schematics, Parts List and Code!

Just wire it up like one of the schematics (depends on what you want to use), Leds? or Relays?... no need to change the code for this!

Parts list:

  • Arduino uno! I used the robotdyn Uno!
  • 3 relays KY-019 or 3 Leds.
  • Nokia 5110 LCD screen (Very cheap!)
  • 3 x Push Button
  • Jumper wire set
  • Breadboard (optional, you can solder something to if you like)

Good luck! Check out our website!

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