Introduction: Arduino Nano As Attiny 85 Programmer and 5 LED POV

Arduino modules/boards are not cheap and for simple projects like my Led Tree. we can use cheaper and more power efficient micro controllers like attiny85. There are many instructables on this topic, but bit old. I hope to share the latest information on how to setup ardunio Nano as simple ATttiny85 programmer

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

The circuit is simple

  1. Programmer
    1. Ardunio Nano
    2. 10uF capacitor
    3. Attiny85
    4. few wires
    5. PCB
  2. POV
    1. 5 LEDs (use Amber or Green. Do not Use RED)
    2. 8 pin IC holder
    3. 3V Battery
    4. Switc


  1. Arduino IDE 1.6.4
  2. ATtiny Board files

Ref this url to setup the Arduino IDE High-Low Tech good instructions

Step 2: Build It and Code for POV

These are simple circuits to build

Once done Test it using blink sketch in the Arduino IDE examples

I have attached my sketch for POV

Step 3: Lessons

  1. Do not Use Red LED, It is too bright and does not create good POV
  2. Reduce brightness / limiting current using a 100 ohm resister between all Cathodes and Ground. One is enough

Where can you use this?

I used it on my son's bicycle and attached it to spoke using some cable ties. Looks nice in dark ( No clear photo because of RED LED)