Introduction: Arduino Pong!

Hey Guys it's time to recreate the famous Pong Attari game using Arduino and some other components such as: Potentiometers, a couple of resistors , a button and a TV Out cable.All in 10 or less minutes! Let's get started

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Step 1: What Will You Need

x1 Arduino Uno or same Arduino Compatible board

x1 USB cable to connect the board

x1 Breadboard to connect the components

x2 10k Ohm Potentiometer

x1 470 Ohm resistor

x1 1k Ohm resistor

x1 Pushbutton

x1 RCA cable (TV Out)

x2 Clips to connect the resistors with the cable (Alternativelly you can solder them)

Some wires

Step 2: The Wiring

You can easily connect the components according to the schematic .Something to notice is that the 1k ohm resistor goes to pin D09, while the 470 ohm resistor goes slot into pin D07. As you can see at the sketch there is a puprle cable splting at half.Don't connect this yet,exept the resistors to the correct pin according to the guide.In my real-life Arduino they are the yellow cables.I have this layout so it's more neat ,tidy and user friendly and each player can use his potentiometer with ease.

Step 3: The TV Cable

Using a sharp knife cut the cable.The RCA cable has 2 wires. One that is proected by a white "shell" and the other that covers the white ,protected by the black.You should try to cut throught them and form them like the right cable of the image.The left one is before cut and the right is after.The white one will be connected with the restors in the next step ,and the other goes to the ground

Step 4: Connect the Cable at the Circuit

Now connect the white cable with the 470 Ohm and the 1K Ohm resistors using the clip(I didn't want to solder them,but you can if you want).The other end of the RCA cable is to be connected with the ground of the breadboard.

Step 5: Almost There!The Completed Circuit

Before I give you the code there is something to be done.You have to download a special library so your Arduino can communicate with the TV.Let's go to the next step

Step 6: Download the Libraries

Step 7: Unzip the File

Unzip the file and select the extracted file

Step 8: Add Libraries to Arduino

Inside the extracted there are 3 files.Copy and paste them at the Arduino Libraries directory of your computer (/Documents/Arduino/libraries). Its the same if you are using a Linux OS

Step 9: The Code

You can download the code from :

Copy and paste it at the Arduino IDE

Connect the Arduino board

Upload it!!!

Step 10: Ready to Roll

That's it folks.The Pong has uploaded to the board.Connect the cable to your TV and find a nearby power supply for the Arduino board. Get your Player 2 and enjoy the classic game you have just created

Thanks for your time ,hope you enjoyed as much as I did creating this Instructable.Don't forget to Like and Vote at the Tech contest

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