Introduction: Star Wars Theme Song With LED

In a workshop far away an Instuctable was created...

Hello Everyone!!!

This is a simple Instructable for beginners (and everyone who loves Star Wars).What you need is:

x1 Arduino or other compatible board

x1 Breadboard

x1 LED

x1 Buzzer/Piezo or Speaker

Couple of cables

Step 1: The Circuit

Lets get Started! Simply connect the components like the image.When selecting a "sound device" ,speaker or piezo, pay attention to the Ω (Ohm resistance) proposed by the manufacture(Mine is a strong one so i don't need a resistor).The only purpose of the LED is to "animate" the sound with light (remove if you want to).It's real simple so lets move to the next step.

Step 2: The Speaker

Pay attention as you add the speaker/piezo to the circuit.You connect the + end of it, with the red cable (the power supply), and the - with the black one (the ground).

Step 3: The Code

I have 2 iconic theme songs to play: the Opening Theme and the Imperial March.Choose one and comment the other (// melody[ ] and //beats[ ]).Download the code below and upload it to the board!

Step 4: The End

You are ready to roll! Connect the board with your computer and ...

May the force be with you!