Introduction: Arduino RFID And/or QR Code Windows Login

There is my latest short fun projects with my Arduino leonardo pro micro.

In this instructable i put two short, almost same example.

The first: login to windows with RFID card.

The second: use your android phone, scan QR code and login to the windows.

Step 1: The RFID Login

Its very simple, RFID library code modified.

If the card accepted by the reader, the arduino type the password to the windows login screen.

Arduino code in the video description. Check the short how-to video.

Step 2: The Android QR Scan Login

In this project, i added a small QR code to my windows login screen background.

The ai2 app scan this code, and send a string to the arduino to type the windows password.

This android app is the same of the "Arduino QR code door open" project app.

Total safe, the QR code useless without the app.

Arduino, android code in the video description. Check the how-to video.

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